Learning to Read

In all honesty I used to believe that the people that have some “quote” or speech on their desktop were stupid. Recently, I’ve decided against that notion. At my apartment I have a double vanity sink in my bathroom which also means I have a very long and wide mirror. Said mirror now has three […]

Believing in The Best

“In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery and death.” ~ Anne Frank There is one obvious flaw in all of my thoughts and pieces of my ideology. I believe that people, always have the […]

Believing in the Beginning

I began this blog for one simple reason. I needed an out, something that tells all. To remember just why I keep going giving advice, giving love, and giving words to people I hardly know. I use this blog to do things I normally do not. I speak. You can find just about everything about […]

B&L – Love Ramblings

I don’t think you get it. You see, I’ve seen you so much lately that I’ve started to see your eyes in another light. Your hair in another color. Your smile in another shade. You’re still beautiful. I don’t think you get it. You see, every moment that my ears pick up your name, my […]

Learning to Keep Writing

Everybody has their “thing”. Whether it be writing, making candles, baking non-stop, or even taking a day off to yourself to be alone. We all deal with the stress, anxiousness and even depression of the world in our lives, in very different ways even though we all are dealing with it. Being in college you […]

Learning What I Want

What we really want often seems to remain under-wraps in what can only be defined as secrets. If not secrets, maybe just things that people don’t seem to believe in or in other terms, want to believe in.  What we want essentially defines who we are as well. Unfortunately, the counterparts of what we want […]

Believing in Education

I recently went to a pretty interesting talk by a couple of intellectuals of the 21st century. Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, and Onkar Ghate held a discussion about the state of free speech and ways to defend it. Like most panel discussions there was a question and answer segment at the end. Granted being the way […]